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There are many important conversation points you should touch on when consulting a designer or builder. Whether you already have your lot or blueprints, or you’re starting entirely from scratch, understanding the process, costs, specifications, timeframes, financing, warranty, and contract are critical in selecting the right builder for your needs. Whenever possible, we recommend talking to a few builders to determine the right fit for your needs. In doing so, you’ll refine your wants, needs, and budget and also uncover possible variables you have not previously considered. Our Urban Living team encourages you to set up a complementary initial meeting with us to provide you with helpful information when starting to plan your new home.


When selecting a property for development, it’s important to understand the size and style of dwelling each unique lot can accommodate. This will vary by municipality, whether rural or urban, and related zoning restrictions.

Vacant Land Vs Demo have differing considerations when initially purchasing, in particular regarding financing. We recommend you talk to your bank/lender and a real estate expert prior to purchasing vacant land, especially if you are obtaining a mortgage.

Asbestos & Hazardous Material Remediation. If an existing dwelling on the property has to be demolished, you should be prepared for variable costs to complete this work. The size of the structure will impact the cost to bring it down, as well as the hauling and disposal of debris. As well, many homes of varying vintages were constructed with harmful materials or items that are hazardous to remove, most commonly asbestos. Depending on the location and application of these materials, costs can become quite significant. We recommend discussing this with both your real estate expert and builder in advance of buying a home for demolition to approximate costs and timeline considerations.

Grading. If your desired development lot has a substantial slope, that there can be additional construction costs. You may also be required to change your Development Permit application process, which can be a lengthier process to obtain.

Height Restrictions & Set-Backs the City will review the proposed planned home as it relates to adjacent homes. Height restrictions and set backs are determined by the property lines and neighboring properties; this should be discussed early in the planning process in order to manage costs and expectations.

  • Garage Options
  • Site Specific Variables
  • Contract Structure
  • Specifications
  • Estimating & Budgets
  • Extras and Upgrades
  • Financing
  • Interior Design
  • City Approval Process
  • Timelines
  • Site Visits and Safety
  • Warranty