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There are various reasons people prefer the lifestyle advantages afforded in bungalow-style homes.
Calgary has many established communities that applied this style of housing over several decades. In most cases, these vintage bungalows offer small footprints with tight, limited rooms not conducive to today’s lifestyle needs, including: entertaining, mobility, furnishing, storage and special configurations. They’re not suitable to functional renovation.


Urban Living is a specialized bungalow Design and Build group that considers all of today’s modern amenities and needs. Whether your desire is simply to enjoy the benefits of single-level-living, or your family has specific requirements with a desire to design and home for ‘aging-in-place’ or to accommodate special needs, our expertise covers all considerations and options; subtlety integrated to ensure a stylish, beautifully-appointed home you’ll love.

When it comes to downsizing, or looking to alternate lifestyle choice, moving into a condo is not always the most appealing option. In many cases, condominiums have unattractive limitations: size and space, condo fees & boards, lack of outdoor space, elevator dependency, lack of privacy, lack of storage, and common area garages.

We understand you likely wish to maintain the lifestyle of detached property with greenspace, spacious garages, ample room for family and friends to gather and stay. Our team provides all of the custom design considerations you’d find in an estate-style home, realized in a bungalow that is intended to consider future needs and mobility. We look at all functions of the home inside and out for today and the next phase of life.

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